Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Brain Dead and Magenta

I have had the worst case of writers block in my life the last few days. It’s been a traumatic stretch. Maybe it’s because I’m using all my creativity writing procedures at work, or perhaps its because home is a stress stew right now. Either way it’s annoying.

Also annoying is the gorgeous bruise on my thigh from the bout on Saturday, I slide into the penalty box on top of someone else’s skate so its not even a cool story. It hurts, like whenever I move. I had been taking the stairs at work, but the elevator and I have become reacquainted.

Isnt it prety? Its like 7 inches long with the trail of little bruises

Hopefully I will have something better to say after practice tomorrow, we are voting for the 9th board position. Any public speaking done in derby format is usually hilarious to some degree.

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