Thursday, October 20, 2011

I love derby skirts

Heres tonights outfit
It's been a while since I wore a skirt so I had kind of forgotten just how fun they are! Heres a close up since the material is really fun

I'm really looking forward to practice tonight, I finally convinced my friend Ashley to join and its her first night on skates. More about her later :)

You know your a derby girl when....

Checking my email this morning there was a great one from Purl (I love her she's awesome) the email started like this...
"As I was going about my daily morning routine, I came across the most recent USArollersports magazine.  Since it typically only has maybe 2 pages on actual derby I knew I could take a moment to sit and peruse the small amount of pertinent info before tossing the mag into the recycle bin.   The one article that I actually smiled at was called: You know you're a derby girl if:"

She then challenged us to come up with our own lists so here's my ten

You know you’re a derby girl when:

1. you give away a whole box of stuff to make room in your closet for a box of tools, bearings, bearing cleaning system etc.

2. you bug all your all your friends all the time about joining derby because you cant imagine life without it

3. you have more booty shorts then underwear

4. you promise crazy favors in exchange for a babysitter during practice times

5. you regularly visit adult shops in search of new awesome tights

6. planning your work outfit for the next day includes covering hug bruise/floor burn/permanent marker numbers

7. you struggle to remember real names and don’t recognize new team mates without leggings and a helmet

8. your fears about breaking your leg aren't cost or pain, but how long you wont be able to skate (and what about so and so who didn’t come back....)

9. your teammates come into contact with your boobs and butt nearly as often as your boyfriend

10. you realize that half your friends on facebook are other leagues and skaters

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Monster Hats and Lost Derby Shorts

So I've actually been researching and working on this long post about slow derby and the strategy behind it, that being said I have to share my new monster hats.....

This is Aidens favorite :)
I also just found a whole bunch of half finished derby shorts! So as soon as the elastic waist bands are in I'll let you take a peak.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The TaTa's they are distracting...

I really wanted to post something glorious and inspirational today. Last night I was paying attention like no other, and even though I was feeling a little frustrated I just knew there was writing material to be found.

Then I led the stretches and Purl stared at my boobs.

Their rather large you see (always have been) and while I am used to people staring at them, bumping into them, asking if they are real etc. derby girls and my boobs have been a whole new experience. Unless it’s a turtle neck or a tight traditional t-shirt the neck line will probably gap and show some cleavage, especially if I'm bending over. So while demonstrating a stretch I guess they looked impressive, which I was told, it wasn’t the first time, and it certainly won’t be the last but it blew my concentration.

If you’re looking for some derby inspiration then you should totally watch the North Central Playoffs this weekend. I'm fascinated with the differences from region to region and seeing all this amazing skating is doing interesting things to my psyche I think...

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I am getting new derby wheels! These ones from RollerBones :)

See when I went to watch Western Regionals with Reckless RollerBones had a booth, and Reckless got wheels and I was jealous. So I found them, and I’m getting them (I love online shopping!) I can’t wait!

Buying Derby gear is a new thing for me, I haven’t been previously financially stable enough to even think about new wheels. I have never had wheels that didn’t come with my skates. I am a big believer in reuse until dead simply out of necessity, sometimes I think I get so caught up in my reuse belief that guilt for new items gets in the way. Part of it is probably being a mom to, I feel like if there’s the money to buy it for myself than there has to be something Aiden needs more. It’s a vicious cycle. Thankfully, Aiden’s birthday and Christmas are coming up, the cupboards are full of food and my boyfriend got more hours, hence the miracle of new wheels. What’s next? Perhaps some wrist guards that don’t have deteriorating Velcro……

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Derby Outfit

tonights outfit for practice :) a close up of the shorts too as they are my newest creation!
ignore my slightly messy room
ruffle shorts!