Thursday, April 5, 2012


We have a bout soon, hooray! We don’t who will be on the roster yet, not so hooray. See our league has grown, and gone through some changes one of which is that we now have more girls than roster space. Its nerve racking waiting to see if your name is going to be on that list or not.

I’m finally back at practice full contact (inserts enormous grin here) however my endurance took a hit. Nothing is more frustrating than being injured in a way that doesn’t allow you to continue working out what so ever.  I’m lucky that it was a relatively short absence; hopefully this means I can get my endurance back quickly. I just don’t know if it will be quick enough. I really really want to compete with my team!

First bout of the season!!
If you in or are going to be in Walla Walla that do you should totally buy tickets from me, I need to sell some before the head hunters come for me.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No Contact

My adorable, wonderful, brilliant little sister sent me a text last night “no contact practices suck.” She plays rugby and also hurt her back a little while ago, sentenced to the dread no contact for her first few practices afterward. I must say truer words were never text!

It is insanely hard to watch your team scrimmage without you, to see the jammer panty held out for someone to claim and not grab it.  In an effort to do something (anything!) I played ref for the scrimmage, not terrible, but not something I really enjoyed either. It was like being hungry and only having a glass of water. I learned things, I watched scrimmages grow chaotic, saw frustration, and noticed some good strategy. It was informative, a good class really. I’m attempting to keep a positive outlook in the face of another no contact practice tomorrow.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Off Season, Injury and Rehab

It’s been a long time since I posted anything. Sorry. There were a couple of reasons for this the first long span being due to the off season.
Taking a break from Derby is HARD, necessary for sure but very difficult. Once practice starts again, getting motivated can feel like a chore and while the first practice back is amazing fun, shit gets serious fast. We did not have practice from mid November to January and I’ll be honest, the holidays without practice was pretty awesome.
I went back to practice and tried really hard to get motivated and inspired. It worked! Combining some derby goals and exercise goals kept me busy and really focused. While I wasn’t very blog inspired (taking a break from writing turns out to be disastrous) practice was going well and things seems to be looking up.
Two weeks ago that all stopped. One practice my back was feeling a little sore, a few days later and I could hardly move. I have had a back injury before, I knew the best thing for me was rest  and chiropractor. The first appointment got scheduled and life went on, albeit more slowly and with a messier house than usual.  First appointment down and the chiropractor recommends no Tuesday practice, which I figure I can take one missed practice is not that bad. Except by the next practice it wasn’t better, so back to the chiro I went.  Another appointment and a staggering two weeks without skating and I feel mostly healed. My goal is to take the first practice easy, and build from there. There’s still occasional stiffness and its frustrating. Frustrating because I have to force myself to take it slow, frustrating because I know I’ve lost progress, frustrating because I’m afraid of being behind.
Injury is one of the most disheartening things about derby I have found. The major injuries that girls don’t come back from, the minor injuries that happen so often and the in between. The in between that puts you out for a few weeks, so you come back and have to force yourself not to work twice as hard right away, while still knowing that eventually you will have to catch up.
So Rehab. I’m taking suggestions. I have the back strengthening exercises, and the instructions for easing back in to practice but this is definitely not my forte. This is going to be the real challenge, because laying on the couch skipping practice and trying not to move sucked but I didn’t have a choice. Now its up to me to know my limits, make decisions and rehab. That sucks to, but I’m back and I couldn’t be happier.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Roller Derby World Cup

This is totally happening in Toronto Canada RIGHT NOW!! you should check it out over at it is absolutely amazing to watch!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011


My boyfriend is a HUGE hockey fan. He works at an ice rink, and coaches little hockey players and spends extra time with tiny goalies. (i just need to add that the only thing cuter than a tiny derby girl is a ridiculously tiny hockey player)

Anyways, being the hockey fan/snob that he is, Chris is loving making fun of the recent lock outs. Hockey went through one years ago and well, we all have that kid inside us that likes saying neener neener!

So here is a great little article from another blog about why you should watch derby during the lockout though I'm sure Chris would tell you to watch hockey :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I love derby skirts

Heres tonights outfit
It's been a while since I wore a skirt so I had kind of forgotten just how fun they are! Heres a close up since the material is really fun

I'm really looking forward to practice tonight, I finally convinced my friend Ashley to join and its her first night on skates. More about her later :)

You know your a derby girl when....

Checking my email this morning there was a great one from Purl (I love her she's awesome) the email started like this...
"As I was going about my daily morning routine, I came across the most recent USArollersports magazine.  Since it typically only has maybe 2 pages on actual derby I knew I could take a moment to sit and peruse the small amount of pertinent info before tossing the mag into the recycle bin.   The one article that I actually smiled at was called: You know you're a derby girl if:"

She then challenged us to come up with our own lists so here's my ten

You know you’re a derby girl when:

1. you give away a whole box of stuff to make room in your closet for a box of tools, bearings, bearing cleaning system etc.

2. you bug all your all your friends all the time about joining derby because you cant imagine life without it

3. you have more booty shorts then underwear

4. you promise crazy favors in exchange for a babysitter during practice times

5. you regularly visit adult shops in search of new awesome tights

6. planning your work outfit for the next day includes covering hug bruise/floor burn/permanent marker numbers

7. you struggle to remember real names and don’t recognize new team mates without leggings and a helmet

8. your fears about breaking your leg aren't cost or pain, but how long you wont be able to skate (and what about so and so who didn’t come back....)

9. your teammates come into contact with your boobs and butt nearly as often as your boyfriend

10. you realize that half your friends on facebook are other leagues and skaters