Thursday, July 21, 2011

Purple is my favorite color

 I have 9 bruises right now, 6 of which are on my right leg. That particular leg is like a magnet I swear! There are two scars on the shin from skates being run down it and one bruise has been there for nearly a month, every time it starts to go away I land on someone’s skate again.  

Before practice yesterday I noticed that quite a few of my possessions are purple and decided it’s a good color, I then promptly smacked into the end of my bed creating yet another bruise. Good thing bruises are generally purple.

Purple is also one of the colors for my team (red is the other one). A team which is traveling to Boise this weekend for our last travel game this year, this is incredibly exciting for me. Travelling can be stressful; it has a lot of up sides and a lot of down sides. Upside – getting to skate! Downside – riding in the car for hours. Upside – meeting new awesome derby girls! Downside – being away from my family. Upside – getting mini derby vacations with my team! Downside – vacations cost money. It’s definitely riding the derby emotional roller coaster.

I’m still excited though! A non-derby friend of mine is coming along and I adore road trips with this girl. We’re heading up on Friday the day before the bout which I don’t always get to do and this means leaving work early hooray! My derby wife is riding with us and is going to run the merch table during the bout (she’s awesome by the way) and we’re rooming with Reckless and Grenade at the hotel. The rooming is especially awesome because these two are hilarious and splitting rooms 5 ways makes everybody happy.

Really it’s all just generally awesome. Which is why its so fantastic that we wear red and purple, they are awesome colors, and purple is one of my favorites after all.

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