Thursday, October 20, 2011

You know your a derby girl when....

Checking my email this morning there was a great one from Purl (I love her she's awesome) the email started like this...
"As I was going about my daily morning routine, I came across the most recent USArollersports magazine.  Since it typically only has maybe 2 pages on actual derby I knew I could take a moment to sit and peruse the small amount of pertinent info before tossing the mag into the recycle bin.   The one article that I actually smiled at was called: You know you're a derby girl if:"

She then challenged us to come up with our own lists so here's my ten

You know you’re a derby girl when:

1. you give away a whole box of stuff to make room in your closet for a box of tools, bearings, bearing cleaning system etc.

2. you bug all your all your friends all the time about joining derby because you cant imagine life without it

3. you have more booty shorts then underwear

4. you promise crazy favors in exchange for a babysitter during practice times

5. you regularly visit adult shops in search of new awesome tights

6. planning your work outfit for the next day includes covering hug bruise/floor burn/permanent marker numbers

7. you struggle to remember real names and don’t recognize new team mates without leggings and a helmet

8. your fears about breaking your leg aren't cost or pain, but how long you wont be able to skate (and what about so and so who didn’t come back....)

9. your teammates come into contact with your boobs and butt nearly as often as your boyfriend

10. you realize that half your friends on facebook are other leagues and skaters

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