Friday, October 7, 2011

The TaTa's they are distracting...

I really wanted to post something glorious and inspirational today. Last night I was paying attention like no other, and even though I was feeling a little frustrated I just knew there was writing material to be found.

Then I led the stretches and Purl stared at my boobs.

Their rather large you see (always have been) and while I am used to people staring at them, bumping into them, asking if they are real etc. derby girls and my boobs have been a whole new experience. Unless it’s a turtle neck or a tight traditional t-shirt the neck line will probably gap and show some cleavage, especially if I'm bending over. So while demonstrating a stretch I guess they looked impressive, which I was told, it wasn’t the first time, and it certainly won’t be the last but it blew my concentration.

If you’re looking for some derby inspiration then you should totally watch the North Central Playoffs this weekend. I'm fascinated with the differences from region to region and seeing all this amazing skating is doing interesting things to my psyche I think...

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