Thursday, October 6, 2011


I am getting new derby wheels! These ones from RollerBones :)

See when I went to watch Western Regionals with Reckless RollerBones had a booth, and Reckless got wheels and I was jealous. So I found them, and I’m getting them (I love online shopping!) I can’t wait!

Buying Derby gear is a new thing for me, I haven’t been previously financially stable enough to even think about new wheels. I have never had wheels that didn’t come with my skates. I am a big believer in reuse until dead simply out of necessity, sometimes I think I get so caught up in my reuse belief that guilt for new items gets in the way. Part of it is probably being a mom to, I feel like if there’s the money to buy it for myself than there has to be something Aiden needs more. It’s a vicious cycle. Thankfully, Aiden’s birthday and Christmas are coming up, the cupboards are full of food and my boyfriend got more hours, hence the miracle of new wheels. What’s next? Perhaps some wrist guards that don’t have deteriorating Velcro……

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