Friday, September 23, 2011

Western Regionals!

I'm so incredibly excited to be heading out to Portland today after work to watch the Western Regional’s in person on Saturday and Sunday! Reckless and I will be right there immersing our selves in Derby amazing, seeing more games and action at one time then ever before! Overload? Maybe. I figure it’s like thanksgiving, eating too much and being perfectly happy with it.

I'm practically shaking with excitement at the idea of watching teams like the Oly Rollers, Denver Roller Dolls, Rose City Rollers and Bay Area Derby Girls, too name a few. Its going to be amazing, and if your new to watching and would like to learn all you can you should definitely spend a few minutes (hours) perusing the site is awesome and I always learn something new. Their Western Regionals Preveiw was extremely enlightening this year and did nothing but make me wish even harder that I had more paid time off.

Right now I am indulging in watching the first game between Jet City and Tucson, want to watch too? Go here you can watch the games live for free all weekend! I know there’s at least one viewing party in lovely Walla Walla, got any scheduled for your area?

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  1. Update!!! if your watching the free online streaming it will freeze every once in a while, refreshing the screen usually does the trick ;)