Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rose City Rollers I love thee!

I really love Portland. I day dream about moving there and know ridiculous amounts of useless information regarding the place. One of my favorite things to do in Portland is watch roller derby, the Rose City Rollers are the bomb.

and so are their fans....

The one standing on the stairs in the pegacorn vest was entertaining as hell! The thing I liked the most about the Rose City Fans is that they were generally positive, all their regular cheers are in suport of their team and there was only one (hilarious) instance of a unified cheer directed at the other team. They really were a ton of fun to sity with, especially after sitting below the drunken shit talker earlier in the day. Kinda got me thinking about the difference fans can make, sitting with Rose Citys cheering section was fun, and even though I already wanted them to win I certainly was more vocal about it.  When I was sitting below the terrible B.A.D fan for their game against Denver I started out unsure of who to cheer for and then felt like cheering for Denver just because of how terrible she was.

Rose City won against Rat City and will be going to Nationals! You should have heard the fans when that happened...

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