Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No Contact

My adorable, wonderful, brilliant little sister sent me a text last night “no contact practices suck.” She plays rugby and also hurt her back a little while ago, sentenced to the dread no contact for her first few practices afterward. I must say truer words were never text!

It is insanely hard to watch your team scrimmage without you, to see the jammer panty held out for someone to claim and not grab it.  In an effort to do something (anything!) I played ref for the scrimmage, not terrible, but not something I really enjoyed either. It was like being hungry and only having a glass of water. I learned things, I watched scrimmages grow chaotic, saw frustration, and noticed some good strategy. It was informative, a good class really. I’m attempting to keep a positive outlook in the face of another no contact practice tomorrow.

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